Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Not moving!!!

Travels 2017
Kurt and I traveled to Victoria  BC my niece's wedding and to visit my brother. We went with my daughter, Heather and her husband Brock for 10 days. We had perfect weather the whole time. we stayed at Aibnb's in Victoria and Vancouver. They were great!
Kurt and I at the wedding reception

My niece, Zoe (left) and her wife, Tekarra (right)

Heather and Brock climbing Mount Douglas

A walk in the woods in Nanaimo

The mountains near Banff

Mountain goats lounging beside the road.

And it gave us an idea to make a little money at home...why not st up our place as an Airbnb!!
 We had our property up for sale for three months, but no action.
 Keep watching for the "Grand Opening"

Summer 2017

July 27, 2017
Our Annual Picnic Hook-in was a success once again. 50 people attended , the weather was beautiful, warm, a little breeze and no rain!!!
There will be another one next year so...
save the date JULY 19, 2018